Center of Ayurvedic Medicine

We invite you to the wonderful Ayurvedic centre of Sanasuma Ajurveda Spa, which is located directly in our hotel. You will experience the original Ayurvedic massage of healing oils, directly from the therapist from Sri Lanka. You’ll feel miraculous relax and your mind, soul and body will be happy.

When someone is healthy, it’s the greatest success in the world!

Massages help people in the whole body, spine, leg, headache, insomnia, migraines, hair loss, skin problems, neurosis, stress, depression, frequent inflammation in the body, problems with the musculoskeletal system, problems with overweight, cellulite, muscle tension, shoulders, throat and facial disorders. Suitable for physically working, for managers, scientists, for psychologically demanding jobs, moms, pregnant women and children.

Ajurvéda is a unique healing system, the old few millennia. It teaches people how to avoid illness, rather than erupt. The basis of this system is the state of equilibrium, gaining a sense of inner peace and finding itself.

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